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We offer PV mounting solutions for every application – from fastening to the roof structure to fixing your modules.
Mounting Solar

Roof mounting

For fastening the module substructure to the roof structure, we offer you a wide variety of connection options – for all common roof variants. Our various mounting rail types can be mounted on this.
We offer you a variety of roof hooks for fastening directly to the rafters for all common tile types. Our roof hooks are completely manufactured in Germany – by certified welding companies with an established quality management system according to ISO 9001.
Hanger bolts are especially suitable for corrugated profiles and fibre cement roofing. They are fastened directly to the roof structure through the roof cladding. The hanger bolt is mounted with an adapter plate to connect the mounting rail. We offer different thread sizes and screw lengths.
Our roof seam clamps are suitable for connecting the substructure to roof seams. When using trapezoidal rails on trapezoidal sheet metal roofing, no additional mounting rails are required. The module clamps can be fastened directly to the trapezoidal rails.

Mounting rails

Depending on the place and purpose of use, you can choose from four different types of rails. These differ according to the material thickness and the type of mounting. All rail types are made of aluminium EN AW-6060 T66 and can be connected with suitable rail connectors.
The standard rail is suitable for most applications: A material thickness of 1.3mm throughout and versatile connection options in the direction of the roof and module.
This mounting rail is characterised by additional robustness: A material thickness of 1.6mm throughout combined with the versatile connection options of the standard rail.
The rail for cross-connection assemblies offers the same connection options as the standard rail. Separate accessories must be selected for the cross-connection itself.
A versatile rail with connection options on all four sides. The connection in the direction of the roof and module is implemented with specially matching accessories.

Module clamps & mounting accessories

Module clamps are used to attach the PV modules to the mounting rail. The fastening is done either with slot nuts or a click system. Our range of mounting accessories includes all the fastening materials you need.
Our centre and end clamps can be fixed both as a pre-assembled click system and with the help of slot nuts in the mounting rail. You have the choice between black anodised or untreated silver clamps.
You will find all the required screw types, nuts or sliding blocks in our accessories. In addition, we offer rail connectors for the different rail types as well as end caps.

Flat roof & solar plants

Our mounting systems for flat roof and outdoor installations are suitable for different types of fastening, such as ballasted or bolted. They can also be integrated into green roof concepts or green spaces.
Our newly developed flat roof system is characterised by its simple alignment and installation, its low weight and versatile fastening options. A load-bearing variant is just as possible as a screw connection in the roof structure or an integration into the green roof.
For flat outdoor areas, our flat roof system is available in a ballasted or bolted version. For outdoor projects on uneven ground with driven posts, please contact us – together we will find a suitable solution for your needs.